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Single Stall Horse Trailer

This trailer started out as an aluminum frame with 1 breaker for the AC unit. I insulated and added walls, ceilings, and floors. I custom build cabinets and converted the electrical to 30amp incoming power. This was a blast to build, and I look forward to renovating more horse trailers in the future!

2006 Four Winds 28ft w/ Bunks

This camper is proof that there can be life after water damage. This unit had extensive floor and roof damage. I built all new cabinets and doors for this RV, added a custom entertainment center equipped with a 40 inch TV, a mantle, and fireplace, as well as an extra large sink. There were 2 full size bunks in the back, as well as a short queen in the front!

2001 Prowler 28ft

I renovated this RV for a family member. It was the most severe water damaged camper I have renovated to date. The roof was completely disintegrated, along with the walls and floor in the bedroom. Now, it's good as new, and prefect for a couple or small family! I added a small entertainment center with a 40 inch TV, fireplace, and lots of storage!

2010 Crossroads Zinger, 30ft

This RV was actually my personal camper for about a year. I renovated it and our family loved every minute of it, but we eventually upgraded to a 5th wheel. The water damage in this camper was pretty centralized to the bunkhouse, but it was easily repairable. 

2005 Prowler, 30ft

This RV was my first ever flip. The roof was sagging and caved in, and was my first true roof removal/skin replacement. I removed the entire roof, built new trusses, and replaced it with new wood and a new skin (all of my renos have a new skin, it's standard practice for me). This RV was also equipped with a fireplace, 40 inch TV, and lots of extras! 

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